The scortexpress Company

ScortExpress Oy was founded in 2003. The roots of ScortExpress Oy originate from year 1989 when Scortrans S.r.l. and Tampereen Express-Huolinta Oy started collaborating together. After 14 years of successful partnership the new equally owned company was established to focus only on direct road groupage service between Italy and Finland. Since the beginning ScortExpress Oy has provided excellent customer service, fulfilling the needs of each client with flexibility and care. At the moment the operating terminals in Finland are located in Pirkkala and in Helsinki. Terminals in Italy are located in Vicenza and in Milano.

From 2015 ScortExpress Oy expanded it’s roots and started Spanish traffic with Cosmopartner SA. The same excellent service, flexibility and care is provided also with our traffic from Spain to Finland. The terminals in Spain are located in Barcelona and in Tarragona.

Ota yhteyttä

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